Seminars have been approved for educational credits with:

To obtain educational credits, you will need to fill out available forms onsite and have them verified by conference staff. Details on how to submit credits are specified on forms.

Seminar Streams:

  • Building Code & Envelope Solutions
  • Building Performance, Energy Efficiency & Environment
  • Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management
  • New Products, Technologies, Innovations & Materials
  • Professional & Personal Skills Development
  • Project Planning, Management & Best Practices
  • Health & Wellness
  • Facility Management & Building Maintenance
  • Property Management
  • Business & Strategic Planning
  • Urban & Community Planning


Wednesday, Feb. 14 • 8:00am–9:50am • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 206/07 

W01 – Legal Update for Strata Managers

[Property Management; Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management]

[ 1.5 BOMI CPDs ]

New Cases; amendments to the Strata Property Act; how does a strata manager stay up to date? By taking this year’s Legal Update. This seminar will explain recent amendments to the Strata Property Act and will also review recent court decisions and how they impact the governance and decisions of strata corporations.

*Please note: This seminar does NOT qualify for re-licensing credit for the Real Estate Council of BC

Adrienne Murray

Adrienne Murray, Hammerberg Lawyers

Adrienne has practiced strata law since leaving the provincial government in 2002. She provides advice to strata corporations and owners regarding a wide range of strata issues including bylaw drafting and enforcement, governance disputes and strata fee collections.

She was the former Deputy Superintendent of Real Estate for British Columbia and assisted with the drafting of the Strata Property Act. She continues to provide input on legislative amendments that impact strata corporations and strata management companies. Adrienne has been actively involved in the development and presentation of seminars to the legal community, real estate industry, strata management industry and strata owners since leaving government in 2002. She co-chaired the Strata Property update courses for the Continuing Legal Education society in 2006, 2011 and 2013 and assisted with the development and updating of two courses related to the Strata Property Act offered by the British Columbia Real Estate Association. Adrienne has prepared and presented courses to strata managers on behalf of the Real Estate Council of B.C., PAMA, and is a regular presenter for the Condominium Homeowners Association.



Wednesday, Feb. 14 • 10:10am–12:00pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07

W15 – 10 Things That Every Strata Manager Must Know

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs ]

This seminar will provide a summary of the 10 bodies of knowledge that is critical to Strata Management. The speaker will explore and expand on:

  1. Understanding the Strata Plan – More than the Basics
  2. Why are the Standard Bylaws Not Enough?
  3. Bylaw Enforcement
  4. Collecting Strata Fees and Special Levies
  5. Easements, Crane Swing Agreements, and other charges
  6. Determining Who Has the Duty to Repair
  7. Operating Fund and Contingency Reserve Fund
  8. Special Levy Resolutions and the Schedule of Unit Entitlement
  9. Rentals
  10. Collection of the Insurance Deductible

Jennifer Neville

Jennifer Neville, Associate, Hammerberg Lawyers 

Jennifer has more than a decade of experience providing advice to strata corporations and owners about strata property matters.

She assists clients with bylaw and resolution drafting, governance and compliance with the Strata Property Act, strata financing, repairs, collections, and disputes. She regularly attends Special General Meetings and Annual General Meetings, and provides opinion letters regarding the Strata Property Act. Jennifer’s exceptional service has earned her the distinction of being named a Finalist for several years in the Georgia Straight’s “Best of Vancouver, Best Lawyer when Buying/Selling Real Estate.” Jennifer also has a background in business law, through which she advises business owners about a range of legal issues, including buying and selling a business, contract negotiations and drafting, employment agreements, shareholders agreements, corporate maintenance and reorganizations, financing, residential and commercial real estate, and commercial leases. Jennifer’s successful practice depends, not only knowledge of the law, but her sharp ability to listen, communicate effectively, and respond to her clients’ individual legal needs. Jennifer takes pride in providing tailored solutions that are practical, yet strategic.



Wednesday, Feb. 14 • 1:00pm–2:50pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 206/07

W28 – The Duty to Accommodate

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs • AIBC 1.75 Non-Core LUs ]

While many employers, managers and supervisors have at least heard the term ‘Duty to Accommodate”; few truly understand what it means, let alone the requirements and obligations that go with it. In this seminar, we will attempt to demystify this employer obligation; explain what triggers the Employer’s Duty to Accommodate; provide some best practices to apply to the process and outline the consequences of either ignoring or not fully complying with this legal requirement.

Maureen McMahon

Maureen McMahon, Vice President, Human Resources, Gateway Property Management

Maureen joined Gateway in early 2003, bringing twenty five years of progressive human resources experience gained at both Starbucks Coffee Company and the Thomas Cook Group in Canada and the U.S. Responsible for all initiatives at Gateway that involve or affect their employees nationally, Maureen’s approach to her role is that she is charged with being an advocate for the employees, while remaining a partner to the business.




Thursday, Feb. 15 • 8:00am–9:50am • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 206/07

T01 – 2-5-10 New Home Warranty Coverage for Strata Managers

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs ]

This seminar will review 2-5-10 new home warranty coverage, and practical steps that can be taken by strata managers and owners to avoid common pitfalls. Topics covered will include:

  • Reporting warranty claims – the “do’s and don’t’s”.
  • Engaging consultants to maximize warranty coverage.
  • Working with warranty providers during the claims process.

The presentation will be of interest to strata managers and council members who manage 2-5-10 warranty claims.

John Mendes

John Mendes, Partner, Lesperance Mendes Law 

Prior to establishing Lesperance Mendes in 1997, John was a partner in a large Vancouver firm and the chairperson of its construction law group.

John has been the chairperson of Lesperance Mendes’ construction defect practice group since the inception of the firm. Lesperance Mendes has represented private and public owners in claims arising out of the defective construction of condominiums, commercial buildings, bridges, highways and other infrastructure projects. Such disputes have included:

  • Claims arising out of building envelope, structural, mechanical and electrical defects
  • Claims under “2-5-10” new home warranties and building envelope renovation warranties
  • Subsidence claims arising out of poor soil conditions



Thursday, Feb. 15 • 10:10am–12:00pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 206/07

T14 – Addressing Uncivil Behaviour for Strata Managers

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPD ]

An angry tenant calls and gives you or your staff a piece of his mind. A contentious strata council member starts shouting insults at the annual meeting. A client decides to blame you for changes in Provincial legislation. Sound familiar? Conflict is around us and we engage in it all day long. But there are ditches in the road of your job description that mark boundaries to what you should be subjected to! How can you harness these moments to address the real issues behind frustration, anger and misbehaviour? What skills can be applied to turn outbursts into opportunity? How can you avoid taking the bait, but transform discord into useful discourse? In this highly interactive session, we will scratch the surface of these fascinating questions.

Gordon Sloan

Gordon Sloan, ADR Education

Many of the cases Gordon mediates and facilitates are large, complex and multiparty in nature.

Gordon’s interests in dispute resolution are panoramic, ranging from work with individuals to large corporations, governments and First Nations. He is fascinated by the role intense values and group identity play in conflict resolution. Gordon’s intervention practice includes workplace advice and assessment, multi-party cases in the public policy arena, facilitation of value-charged conflicts and a full array of litigation mediation.

One of Canada’s best known trainers and teachers of dispute resolution, Gord delivers negotiation and mediation courses to a wide array of audiences in every part of the country. He teaches in academic settings as well as the private sector and government at all levels. He provides training programs and seminars in dispute resolution to professional bodies, First Nations, government departments and agencies and NGOs.

Gordon is passionate about his own adult learning and shares that interest with others in his course delivery. His degrees are in Religion and Law.



Thursday, Feb. 15 • 1:00pm–2:50pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • ROOM 206/07

T25 – Animal House – Pets in Residential Tenancies

[Legal, Regulatory & Risk Management; Property Management]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs ]

To Have or Not to Have Pets - That is the Question. Every landlord has faced challenging pet situations:  too big? dangerous breed?  Therapy animal?  Service cat? Allergic reactions? suite damage? Human Rights?

Are there pet rights?  What are the rumours vs. the facts?  What is a pet agreement?  You will get answers to all these questions and more at this interactive workshop with Al Kemp, who has spent 20 years working with landlords and governments on the rights and responsibilities of both landlords and tenants relative to pets in rental properties.

Al Kemp

Al Kemp, A.G. Kemp & Associates

Former CEO of the Rental Owners and Managers Society of BC, Al is known and respected for his extensive knowledge of the residential tenancy industry. A major contributor to the current Residential and Manufactured Home Park Tenancy Acts Al maintains ongoing working relationships with the Residential Tenancy Branch. Al provides information, education, advice and assistance to rental property management and ownership companies who are rental housing providers. Al is also Executive Director of the Manufactured Home Park Owners Alliance of BC.