Wednesday, Feb. 14 • 3:00pm–5:00pm • Early Bird $55/Regular $65 • ROOM 220/222

W38 – KEYNOTE: Views from The Edge

[Professional & Personal Skills Development; Business & Strategic Planning]

[ BOMI 2.0 CPDs • AIBC 2.0 Core LUs • 2.0 General Hours IDCEC Approved ]

Views from The Edge reinvents the traditional conference experience. Join us for an afternoon plenary of highly relevant, high value, high energy accelerated presentations on matters at the forefront of our industry.

Focusing on DISRUPTION, Change Agents and Thought Leaders will expand on topics that are contributing to the advancement of our industry, business and society at large.



Reshaping the Relationship Between Society and Architecture

Paul Fast
Principal, HCMA Architecture + Design

Paul is interested in creating architecture that helps to extract and define a strong regional identity. His work is focused on reconnecting people to their environments through the considered use of material, form, space and light. As a Principal, Paul enjoys the initial stages of concept design when site, user and program are defined. His careful consideration of these critical decisions helps shape the outcome of the design and building process. Paul believes that transformative change can happen at any scale, and has lead projects ranging from a children’s playhouse to a complex, $80M community recreation centre. He has led several of our TILT Curiosity Labs initiatives, including the 2015 IDSwest stage design, Coal Harbour Deck concept, and the #MoreAwesomeNow Laneway Activation. Paul holds a Bachelor of Arts in Geography and a Masters of Architecture from the University of British Columbia and gained experience abroad in Switzerland and Russia before joining HCMA.

Blockchain and Smart Contracts – The Butterfly Effect

Kregg Fordyce
Owner, CEO, Arkilio

Kregg Fordyce is an Architect, Planner and entrepreneur located in Toronto. Kregg is President of KFA Architects and Planners founded in 2006. Kregg and the team at KFA are passionate about improving the building industry and believe one way to do so is by creating a new economy around building information, using cutting-edge technologies like blockchain. By harnessing the power of building information and allowing people to easily store it, transact on it and share it we can develop tools that will help us advance the industry dramatically. By tapping into his entrepreneurial self and utilizing his deep knowledge of the building industry Kregg cofounded a Toronto based startup company, Arkilio Inc. At Arkilio Kregg and his team are identifying pain points in the building industry using KFA and other friendly companies as test subjects and investigating technological solutions like blockchain in an effort to change the industry for the better, forever.

Forging Paths – Decentralized Energy Canada – A Story of Perseverance and Might

Anouk Kendall
President & CEO, Decentralized Energy Canada

Anouk Kendall was appointed President of Decentralized Energy Canada (DEC) in 2003 and is one of North America’s leading authorities on decentralized energy.

She has helmed DEC through two transformational phases in 2007 and 2013 in response to changing industry and member needs. Her continuous engagement with members and industry partners has contributed to the development of a national network of over 10,000 DE stakeholders. Through the design and implementation of innovation to commercialization programs, she has ensured that DEC annually impacts over 50 small to medium sized businesses in Canada. The current focus ofher innovation efforts are related to smart energy grids and automation innovations in the heat and power sector with an emphasis on behind the fence energy generation.

She has over 20 years experience in the energy and environment fields with a unique combination of industry, government, academic and non-profit sectors. She lived and worked in the UK for 7 years where she conducted post-graduate research into bioenergy at the University of Leeds. She also served as the Senior Energy Conservation Office at Leeds City Council following the UK’s Home Energy Conservation Act (1995).

Anouk holds several board professional positions including:

  • Peer Reviewer for the Green Municipal Fund (GMF)
  • Member of the Board for the Green Building Technology Access Centre (GBTAC) as Southern Alberta Institute for Technology (SAIT)
  • Fellow of the Alberta Energy Future Lab
  • Advisor on the Renewable Energy Committee at Calgary Economic Development
  • Advisor on the Renewable Energy and Conservation Committee at Lakeland College
  • Member of the Marketing Committee on the Ontario Sustainable Energy Association
  • She was born and currently resides in Calgary, Alberta. She holds a B.Sc. in Geography from the University of Calgary.

Platforms-for-Life: A Re-Generative Housing Systems Platform Technology

Oliver Lang
Principal and Creative Director, LWPAC, President, Intelligent City

Robotics: Disrupting the Way We Build with Wood

AnnaLisa Meyboom
Associate Professor at The University of British Columbia

AnnaLisa Meyboom teaches architectural structures courses, research studios, advanced structures and computing seminars, and design-build courses. She emphasizes the ability to integrate the highly technical, the beautiful, and the environmental simultaneously and seamlessly into a built form. She believes it is the ability to work with all these media fluently that creates projects of critical relevance.

She directs the research into future transportation and its catalytic relationship to urban form in her in interdisciplinary research group, Transportation Infrastructure and Public Space, and also researches the use of structural behaviour algorithms in the generation of architectural form. She maintains a blog on her research and teaching.

AnnaLisa is a practicing engineer and has a background in bridge design.


Tony Osborn
Principal , TOAD

Tony Osborn is the principal architect and owner of TOAD, Tony Osborn Architecture + Design. TOAD’s focus is innovative and experimental architecture that engages with difficult to solve design problems. Tony is also an adjunct professor at the School of Architecture and Landscape Architecture at UBC, and the founder of Turncoats Vancouver, a public debate series on architecture.