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Wednesday, February 13 • 8:00am–9:50am • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07

W01 – Legal Update for Strata Managers

[Leadership & Business Improvement, Project Management & Process Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs ]

New and noteworthy cases and amendments to the Strata Property Act – How does a strata manager stay up to date? By taking this year’s Legal Update, of course. The seminar will explain recent amendments to the Strata Property Act and will also review recent court decisions and how they impact the governance and decisions of strata corporations.

Veronica Franco

Maris Holmes

Veronica Franco, Partner, Clark Wilson LLP
Maris Holmes, Associate, Clark Wilson LLP 

Veronica Franco – Partner – Clark Wilson LLP

Veronica is a leader in the practice of strata law in BC and one of the top contributors to advancing education within the industry, presenting regularly for the Condominium Home Owners Association, the Professional Association of Managing Agents, and the Continuing Legal Education Society. She also updates three chapters for the Strata Property Practice Manual for CLE and reviews the manuals for the Advanced Strata Management Course offered through Langara College.

Whether it is through education, litigation or providing strategic advice, resolutions and bylaws, Veronica finds cost-effective ways for people to live better together in a strata community.

The issues faced in strata communities are visceral and impact peoples’ everyday lives. As a calm and collected voice, Veronica provides advice that allows strata corporations and property managers to tackle tough human issues so as to improve the strata community.

Noise. Smoking. Air BnB. Leaks. Tenants. All issues and more that affect strata corporations and property managers on a daily basis. Veronica helps to balance the rule of the law with the reality of day-to-day life.

Veronica’s mandate is to help strata corporations and property managers identify and address issues before they become problems.

Maris Holmes – Associate – Clark Wilson LLP

With a personable approach, Maris works with strata corporations and property managers to resolve issues and concerns in the communities our clients call home.

Maris helps our clients through a myriad of issues, including noise, smoking, alterations, privacy issues, pets, bylaw and rule drafting, building maintenance and resolutions.



Wednesday, February 13 • 10:10am–12:00pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07 

W13 – Resilience is the New Sustainability

[Building Performance, Green, Health & Wellness]

[ AIBC 1.75 Core LUs • BOMI 1.0 CPD ]

Concert Properties as part of their Sustainability Strategy has identified a set of 8 environmental sustainability principles. This session will walk through why and how Concert has added ‘Climate Resilience’ to its operations and planning. It will cover the lessons learned in working to make a national portfolio that includes all asset classes more resilient to a more uncertain and changing climate. Specific topics include how to evaluate climate risk in different locations across Canada, strategies for new construction and the integration of strategies for existing properties.

Dave Ramslie

Dave Ramslie, VP of Sustainability, Concert Properties 



Wednesday, February 13 • 1:15pm–3:15pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07

W47– Cannabis – Understanding the Consequences of Growing Plants in a Residential Building

[Culture & Community, Leadership & Business Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.0 CPD • 1.0 General Hour IDCEC Approved ]

Elaine McCormack of Wilson McCormack Law Group and Anil Aggarwal of Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP will discuss the potential impact of smoking and growing cannabis in strata lots and rental units and the ways in which strata corporations and landlords can legally address those issues. Strata bylaws and rental tenancy agreements provisions will be addressed, as well as enforcement and how the issues may be dealt with by the Courts, the Human Rights Tribunal and through the Civil Resolution Tribunal.

Elaine T. McCormack

Anil Aggarwal

Elaine T. McCormack, McCormack & Company Law Corporation
Anil Aggarwal, Alexander Holburn Beaudin + Lang LLP

Anil Aggarwal both summered and completed articles with Alexander Holburn. He obtained his Bachelor of Arts from the University of British Columbia in 2005 and his J.D. from the University of British Columbia in 2015.

Anil was called to the bar in May 2016. His practice is litigation based and mainly focuses on strata property matters.

Prior to becoming a lawyer, Anil worked as a Border Services Officer (“BSO”) with the Canada Border Services Agency. As a BSO, Anil conducted port of entry examinations to ensure traveller compliance with the Customs Act, Immigration and Refugee Protection Act, Criminal Code and other various Acts of Parliament.




Thursday, February 14 • 9:00am–12:00pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07

T01 – Emergency Preparedness for All Types and Levels

[Building Performance, Leadership & Business Improvement, Project Management & Process Improvement] 

[ BOMI 3.0 CPDs ]

Not all emergencies are extreme but all require pre-planning. Presented by a panel of industry specialists, this workshop will address major emergency situations, including fire, flood, infectious disease, power failure, earthquake and tsunami.

Paul Klann

Paul Klann, President, Phoenix Restorations



Thursday, February 14 • 1:15pm–3:15pm • Early Bird $45/Regular $55 • Room 206/07

T17 – Residential Tenancy – A Practical Potpourri

[Leadership & Business Improvement, Project Management & Process Improvement]

[ BOMI 1.5 CPDs ]

The NDP has made several changes to tenancy law. There are more to come as Premier Horgan's Rental Housing Task Force submitted its report in late 2018. The Report was surprisingly more benign that everyone expected. We will review the recommendations and major changes already made. For most of the session, we'll have some fun with quizzes and brief cases, all based on real experiences by real owners and property managers.

Al Kemp

Al Kemp, President, A.G. Kemp & Associates