New / Green Product Showcase

The New/Green Product Showcase highlights products, services and technologies exhibited at BUILDEX that are transforming the design, construction, renovation and project management industries. Look for the New/Green logo on the tradeshowfloor to source and learn about new products, services and technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

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Company: Aiphone

Booth: 921

Product: IX Series 2


The IX Series 2 Peer-to-Peer IP Platform with SIP capability is here! See all these features in action — request a demo!

  • Backward/forward compatibility
  • System scales with your growth
  • No Aiphone licensing fees
  • No central servers needed
  • Integrates multiple security layers

Company: EZEE Hoarding Inc.

Booth: 644

Product: EZEE Construction Hoarding


EZEE Hoarding is a clean faced finished product upon install, No paint required, fast to install/dismantle, environmentally friendly, reusable temporary construction barrier designed to separate the public from the construction zone.

Temporary construction barriers/hoarding made from one time use products contribute to over 22 million pounds of construction waste going to Canadian landfills annually. Three years since entering the market EZEE Hoarding has eliminated over 400,000 pounds of temporary construction barriers/hoarding from entering landfills. By working together with our clients imagine how much more we can eliminate in the next 3 years!!

Company: Flo

Booth: 642

Product: CoRe+


The CoRe+ is a smart and versatile Level 2 charging station, specifically designed for private, commercial applications such as multi-unit residential buildings, workplaces, fleets, and is also suitable for public spaces. The universally compatible connector is designed for 10,000+ charging cycles, while the 100% aluminum casing offers maximum climate resistance and long-term durability. Additionally, it offers power management user interface features, as well as the capacity to be set in a network, allowing for complete centralized management of the charging service.

Company: Innotech Windows + Doors

Booth: 453

Product: Defender 88PH System


The Defender88PH System is a Passive House Institute certified component with outstanding thermal insulation, superior air, water and sound resistance, and proven durability. Manufactured in Langley, BC by North America’s most experienced European window and door manufacturer, the Defender 88PH System delivers the manufacturing expertise and product performance required for your Passive House project.

Company: Monalisa Tile

Booth: 925



Monalisa Tile’s 5.5mm innovative slim porcelain tiles are leading our company commitment to the GREEN pursuit. Facilitated by our state of the art tile press machine and the fully automated production line, we can produce slim tiles up to 48”x96” with very high density and hardness while consuming less materials and energy.

Company: NanaWall Systems

Booth: 811

Product: WA67


NanaWall’s WA67 combines aluminum and wood for performance and beauty with a unique aluminum-clad system—mounted on solid wood profiles to ensure unparalleled durability—that is engineered to perform in heavy wind and rain environments. Featuring a 2 5/8" thick door panel with a rain-screen clad exterior and a solid wood interior, the WA67 is available in FSC certified wood species meeting responsible forestry standards. The WA67 is NFRC rated and certified for true energy efficiency in all climates, and contributes to multiple LEED rating systems. An enhanced option is available featuring triple-seals, triple-paned glass, and deeper door panels for even higher weather performance with a U-Value of .17.

Company: Romex Canada West

Booth: 1822

Product: Frost Resistant Water Permeable Hardscapes


STOP PAVER FREEZE HEAVE. Revolutionary, German-engineered, water-permeable and obscenely durable paver jointing mortars, bedding, and bridging never trap water ‘between a rock and a hard place’ - hence no paver heave from freeze-thaw cycles. In summer, manage storm water on site for LEED points. The same tech provides industry-best gravel binding for tree surrounds, edging and pathways. Slash timelines with 10x faster installs. No efflorescence. 10-Year “RSG” Warranty. "Easy"-to-use DIY homeowner solutions, too! Photo: Bergen, Norway. 25,000 sqft. Zero paver heave.

Company: Timber Block Homes

Booth: 831

Product: Structural Insulated Panel Advancement


Our product is A unique advancement of a SIP (structural insulated panel) which reduces on-site construction time and provides a continuous ‘nail free’ bond from exterior to interior. Each Timber Home features R-30 or R-36 (upgrade) insulation.

Green Technology

Environmentally friendly R-30 insulation featuring recycled materials and less waste, combined with a tight thermal envelope ensures low energy consumption. Factory recycling, fewer thermal bridges and reduced air infiltration all combined to benefit the environment.

Company: Trane Canada West

Booth: 739

Product: Kampmann Katherm Floor Trench Heating


Trane Canada West is proud to introduce Kampmann’s Katherm floor trenches, Slimline Fancoils and perimeter heating/cooling products to North America. This technology features minimal dimensions and high outputs for space saving solutions, and aesthetically pleasing enclosures and grilles that blend harmoniously with interior styles.

All Kampmann fan-assisted units are equipped with energy saving ECM technology maximizing performance with ultra-low noise emissions, even with low water temperatures.

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Company: Trane Canada West

Booth: 739

Product: Aldes InspirAIR® HRV


Trane Canada West is proud to introduce InspirAIR® Home, the Passive House certified connected heat-recovery ventilation solution by Aldes.

InspirAIR® Home purifies the air inside homes, removing pollutants and improving occupants’ quality of life. Users can monitor and adjust the quality of the air they breathe from their smartphone via the Aldes Connect app.

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