IDIBC Interior Design Morning at BUILDEX

BUILDEX Vancouver is delighted to host an Interior Design Morning at BUILDEX, supported by IDIBC. Join IDIBC and the YVR design community for a morning of education and networking! All seminars are approved for IDCEC CEUs.

IDIBC Supported Schedule:

  • IDIBC Breakfast seminar: 7:45am–8:45am
  • VBBL – Practical Guide to Code Update for Interior Designers: 9:00am–11:00am
  • Top Five Mistakes Interior Designers Make When Specifying Millwork: 11:30am–12:30pm

More interior design sessions available after 12:30pm.

Thursday, February 13 • 7:45am–8:45am • Room 211 • Register via IDIBC

Breakfast Seminar – How Interior Designers Can Build Resilience and Better Handle Stress

[ 1 HSW Hour IDCEC & 1 AIBC Core LU Approved ]

According to a recent study, Interior Designers experience job related burn out and are more susceptible to cynicism and exhaustion at a rate second only to nurses and high-level health professionals. The World Health Organization calls stress the “global health epidemic of the 21st century” and the negative impacts of high stress and burnout are well documented. The key to overcoming this growing threat to our well-being is learning how to build resilience and shifting our behaviour to better respond to stress. Most of us operate in an increasingly complex, fast-paced and demanding workplace. We work in an “always-on” culture that encourages us to work anytime from anywhere, and we are feeling the impact. Learn to become more resilient. This interactive, experiential session will explore how we can build resilience and increase our capacity to better respond to rising levels of stress and burnout. Participants will be invited to slow down, reflect and assess their own personal sources of stress; they will learn what contributes to resilience; and they will be challenged to select new behaviours to start building their own personal resilience.

Geoff Scales

Geoff Scales, Principal and Lead Consultant, Dialogik Creative Leadership


Thursday, February 13 • 9:00am–11:00am • Room 220/22

T10 – VBBL — Practical Guide to Code Update for Interior Designers

[ 2 General Hours IDCEC & 2 AIBC Core LU Approved ]

Understanding relevant changes to the legally adopted VBBL 2019 will help you with practical aspects of getting your permit applications with the City of Vancouver. Essentially, navigating the technical requirements of the codes and their administrative provisions is a practical skill that can have a huge impact on the daily practice of interior designers. With ongoing updates to the codes and referenced standards, Part 10 of VBBL effective June 3, 2019 and VBBL effective November 1, 2019, the practice for obtaining permit approval is ever-evolving, and importance of this subject should not be underestimated. Join Sunny Ghataurah from AES for a practical discussion on the latest updates of the VBBL, specifically looking at the implications on the day-to-day implementation for interior designers.


Sunny Ghataurah, President, AES Engineering


Thursday, February 13 • 11:30am–12:30am • Room 223/224

T16 – Top Five Mistakes Interior Designers Make When Specifying Millwork

[ 1 General Hour IDCEC approved CEU & 1 AIBC Non-Core LU Approved ]

Another woodwork project, another disappointing result. Talk about frustrating! After all the time put into detailing your drawings and including all the information needed, you still did not end up with the result you anticipated. This session is designed to help you end that cycle, reduce your stress level when drawing and specifying architectural woodwork, and put you in control of the outcome. We'll look at some of the most common issues that interior designers encounter and provide tips, tricks and tools to help your next woodwork project turn out exactly how you envisioned.

Martin Berryman

Martin Berryman, Past President, AWMAC BC