New / Green Product Showcase

The New/Green Product Showcase highlights products, services and technologies exhibited at BUILDEX that are transforming the design, construction, renovation and project management industries. Look for the New/Green logo on the tradeshowfloor to source and learn about new products, services and technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

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Company: Air System Supplies

Booth: 1607

Product: IsoMax


Designers wanting low-cost, space-saving ceilings and walls that provide superior noise control employ KINETICS™ IsoMax sound isolation clips.

  • Low cost for high performance
  • Flexible “snap-on” clips install quickly, and allow for height adjustments during installation of channel
  • Error free installation of standard drywall furring channel. Eliminates accidental short circuiting common with resilient channel
  • Achieve STC 64 with only one stud! — save floorspace

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Company: ALEC Lighting Control / Triangle Research

Booth: 1639

Product: ALEC Lighting Control


ALEC is a fully scalable smart lighting system that has been pre-qualified by the Canadian Government under the BCIP innovation program.

Easy and cost-effective to implement, ALEC maximizes lighting energy savings intelligently and automatically while maintaining complete occupant comfort and safety, and compliance to all building energy codes.

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Company: Blue Eco Enterprises

Booth: 213

Product: Diatomite Interior Wall Decoration Material (Dry Powder & Water Paint)


Our new 100% environmental friendly interior painting materials are mainly made of diatomite. With the character of this kind nature material, our product are attractive and functional. Amazing functions include: Humidity Control; Air purifying; Fireproofing; Soundproofing; Energy Saving; Self Cleaning. Our Products include Highest Quality diatomite dry powder as well as liquid diatomite coating with innovative formaldehyde purification function.
If you are looking for new and green product, check us out!

Company: Canadian Stone Industries

Booth: 1424

Product:  Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone from Cultured Stone®


Sculpting the modern landscape, Pro-Fit® Terrain™ Ledgestone blends refined Cultured Stone® textures and intricate relief patterns to blaze a bold new path and push the contemporary design movement forward. Available in 4 colours, Pro-Fit® Terrain™ is quick and easy to install, with groups of small stones expertly bundled by our masons.

Company: Connectrac

Booth: 1303

Product: Connectrac® Wireways


Freedom to add connectivity

Connectrac® Wireways are the new standard for bringing power and communications cable management to all interior applications. Connectrac’s Under-Carpet Wireway, plus the In-Carpet and On-Floor solutions ensure that customers will meet their power, data, and telecom cabling needs in any interior space. Free yourself from core drilling!

Company: Flo

Booth: 1636

Product: FLO Home X5 charging station for electric vehicles


Simple, smart, sturdy and safe: meet the FLO Home electric vehicle charging station, specifically designed for single-family houses. Made in Canada, FLO Home can be installed either indoors or outdoors. It is perfectly adapted to Canadian winters thanks to its rugged aluminum casing and to its cable that remains flexible even in the coldest conditions. FLO Home is connected, which allows users to configure smart features and track usage data from a secure online portal.

Company: Romex Canada West

Booth: 1822

Product: Resin-Based Permeable Hardscapes


Conventional is instantly obsolete. German-engineered hardscape solutions with 25 years of global success, now in Canada. Resin-based, highly water-permeable and obscenely durable paver jointing mortars, bedding, and bridging, as well as tree surrounds, pathways and accessibility solutions. Our 3-layer paving assembly gives multiple value-adds, is cost-neutral, and offers a 10-Year Warranty. Slash timelines with 10x faster installs. No efflorescence. Numerous "Easy"-to-use DIY homeowner solutions. Leave the messy past behind - Romex is how eco-friendly paving for the ages is done.

Company: Rope + Cable Canada

Booth: 904

Product: Jakob Rope Systems


Rope + Cable Canada is Canada’s exclusive distributor for Jakob Rope Systems – The world’s leading manufacturer of premium AISI 316 high-grade stainless steel cable and hardware for architecture. We provides full-service solutions from design support, supply and installation for: Stainless steel cable and webnet railing systems, webnet frames, green walls, trellis systems, catenary lighting, kinetic facades, zoo enclosures, stainless steel cable and webnet solutions for bridge or other infrastructure projects including bridge safety netting.

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