New & Sustainable Product Showcase

The New & Sustainable Product Showcase highlights products, services and technologies exhibited at BUILDEX that are transforming the design, construction, renovation and project management industries. Look for the New & Sustainable sign on the tradeshowfloor to source and learn about new products, services and technologies that are leading the industry into the future.

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Company: Dass Metal Products

Booth: 323

Product: IX Series 2



Dass Metal Products is a wholly owned Canadian family business specializing in the construction and development industry for over 30 years. It operates its metal products facility at 1575 Drew Road Mississauga, with over 100,000 square foot of manufacturing area.

It manufactures a complete line of engineered interior and exterior metal studs, tracks and accessories for drywall framing. We are trusted for best accuracy on the length, high quality studs and competitive low prices. Dass Metal Products can customize products to specific lengths, sizes and gauges based on your needs.

Dass Metals is a proud CSSBI approved organization. All products are manufactured on the Dass philosophy of providing customers the quality and service they deserve.

Company: Dexter Natural Stone Ltd.

Booth: 1518

Product: Dexter Infinite Series Pillar w/ Parcel Box Feature


Our unique Granite Pillars are highly customizable and use a mortar-free construction.

Many features can be added; our most popular being the Parcel Box.

It is a digitally locked box to safely receive online shopping deliveries worry free.

With porch pirates prevalent with the increase in online shopping trends, it is a must have feature of a modern home.

We also have Stone Furniture, customized curved stone stairs and Granite Pavers.

Company: Egnyte

Booth: 602

Product: Egnyte for Construction


In a content-critical age, Egnyte gives construction companies the visibility and control they need with the only content services platform built with data governance, privacy, and security at its core. Egnyte’s cloud-first platform leverages machine learning and AI to enhance employee productivity, automate compliance, and reduce file-sharing cost and complexity. Fueling business growth for more than 2,000 construction companies, large and small, worldwide.

Company: Flo Services Inc.

Booth: 642

Product: Electrical Vehicle Supply Equipment (EVSE): Commercial: CoRe+, SmartTWO, Residential: FLO Home X5 and G5 models 


CoRe+ Smart level 2 charging station is specifically designed for workplaces, multi-residential buildings, fleets and is also suitable for public spaces.

Key Features & Benefits:

  • PowerSharing and PowerLimiting capabilities
  • Rugged and reliable design
  • Revenue generation capabilities
  • Nema 4X cast aluminium casing
  • Certified to operate in temperatures ranging from -40°C - +50°C
  • Wall mounted or pedestal configurations
  • Optional cable management system

Company: Halio

Booth: 1403

Product: Halio Glass


Halio smart-tinting glass advances electrochromic glazing in three key areas: color (truly clear to cool grays), tinting speed (10x faster), and uniform transitioning (no more curtain or iris effect and unlimited tint level options). It’s never been easier to build energy-efficient buildings that promote health and wellness.

Company: SuperGreen Solutions

Booth: 1444

Product: Magnetite Window Inserts


Stop outside noise, eliminate condensation, and improve your building energy-efficiency WITHOUT REPLACING YOUR WINDOWS!

Magnetite® is a Canadian patented acrylic window insert approved by NRCAN and the CMHC that fits virtually any shape or style of windows, sliding doors, etc. It can also save up to 30% on your heating and cooling costs, at a fraction of the cost of replacement windows. See the difference with our real-time energy management software from SimpTek.

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