Exhibitor FAQs

1. What is my booth number and where can I find the floorplan?

You can find your booth number, the floorplan as well as a list of the other exhibitors on the main website here.

2. What is the Online Exhibitor Manual?

The Online Exhibitor Manual is a tool for you to get important information about the show, as well as submit any necessary forms for your participation. In addition to the online manual we have emailed bulletins to your main exhibit contact for you convenience.

3. I have misplaced my login details for the Levy Show Services Online Order System.

Please contact Levy Show Services with the information provided here. You can also call 604.277.1726 or email operations@levyshow.com.

Please note the show code is VANBUILDEX20.

4. What time can I set up (Move-In) & dismantle (Move-Out) my exhibit?

Set up will be dependent on your booth location, click here to see the floor plan and the associated move in times. Please note that these are the earliest possible move in times. However, you can move in any time after the time noted.

Move out schedule coming soon!
For more information click here.

5. What is included in my exhibit package?

  • Unlimited complimentary visitor passes for your customers
  • Unlimited exhibitor passes
  • 6 complimentary seminars to attend*
  • Access to the Networking Reception
  • Company listing & website in showguide
  • Website link from our websites to yours
  • Aisle carpeting and aisle cleaning
  • 24-hour security during the show
  • Access to the most qualified prospects in your industry!

Please note that exhibitors are responsible for flooring, booth furniture such as tables and chairs, electrical, internet, parking and other related incidentals.

*Some exceptions apply.

6. Is there power available for my booth?

Electrical services can be ordered through the Vancouver Convention Centre (costs associated vary depending on requirements).

Please refer to the order forms page.

7. Is there a contact list for the preferred suppliers/contractors at this event?

There are preferred suppliers and contractors, please click here for the list and their contact information.

8. Where and when can I collect my exhibitor name badge for entry to the exhibition?

Badges will be available for pick-up at the REGISTRATION DESK during move-in after 12:00 PM on February 10 and 9 AM on the 11. New this year, Exhibitors are required to pick up badges during move-in.  Please note you will not be permitted to enter the show floor without a badge during show hours.
Note: Exhibit staff badges are not mailed prior to BUILDEX.

9. Is there parking available for exhibitors at the exhibition?

Parking is available in and near the Vancouver Convention Centre. For full information on parking options, please visit www.vancouverconventioncentre.com. Transit options are available at Waterfront Station for bus, skytrain or seabus.

10. Are there any functions for exhibitors to attend during the exhibition?

Every exhibitor is entitled to six complimentary passes to these extremely educational opportunities. Take advantage of this amazing learning opportunity and register for your seminars here!

For a full list of the other available functions see our Networking Events page!

11. I want to advertise in the official show guide – what are the advertising rates?

¼ page vertical $575 2.875" x 4.0625"

½ page horizontal $775 6" x 4.0625"

full page (full bleed) $1275 6.625" x 9" (trim size), 6.875" x 9.25" (trim size + 1/8" bleed), 6" x 8.375" (live area)

Click here for more information about the advertising rates or call John at 604.730.2038 or Mike at 604.730.2034.

12. What are the details for sending items to the exhibition?

Please note Material handling fees will apply if LEVY Show Services receives your Shipment on your behalf. More info here.


Shipping display materials in advance with LEVY Show Service INC will streamline the move-in and out process dramatically. Shipments may be sent to the advance warehouse of LEVY Show Service up to 30 days before the move-in day. All shipments must be received at the advance warehouse between 08:00 & 15:00, Monday-Friday, no earlier than January 8, 2020 and no later than February 5, 2020. Shipments will not be received at the advance warehouse after hours or on weekends.

Please call LEVY Show Service directly to arrange Advance Shipping & Storage:

Receiving Hours: Mon.-Fri. / 08H30-15H00
Receiving cut-off: February 5, 2020

YRC c/o Levy Show Service Inc.
3985 Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 4E2

If your shipments are coming from abroad and require Customs Clearance Services please contact Levy Show Services at 604.277.1726 and view their form on the Order Forms page.


There is also the option of direct shipment; however we ask that you please take note of your specific move in time as outlined on the floorplan by booth location. In the case of direct shipment to the Vancouver Convention Centre the address is:

Booth # / Company Name
Vancouver Convention Centre – West Building
Via Waterfront Road Truck Route
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3
Company Contact Name / Telephone Number

Please note that the Vancouver Convention Centre will NOT accept deliveries prior to the beginning of move-in, Monday, February 10, 2020. Deliveries arriving at Vancouver Convention Centre before this date will be refused.

13. Is there WIFI internet available for purchase for exhibitors at the exhibition?

Yes, WIFI internet is available through the facility; please place your request by referring to the order forms page. The cost is $140.00 for first user for first day and $100.00 for an additional user.

14. I am sending my items internationally, are there additional steps to take?

There are a few extra steps that are necessary when shipping any items from across the border. Please refer to the Levy Show Services INC. order form and note the Customs Brokerage Services section.

15. Is there help available for move in and out for heavier items?

Additional labor can be purchased for both booth set up and tear down. Please click here to get the contact information for Levy.

16. Do you have any tips on how to have a successful show, how can I stand out?

  • Build traffic: Click for tips on how to make sure the attendees are coming to your booth!
  • Sponsorship and advertising: A great way to get people talking about your brand is to take advantage of our sponsorship and advertising opportunities

17. Are there any deadlines I should be aware of?

There are several deadlines we ask you to meet to guarantee that the exhibitors and the attendees have a successful and enjoyable show.

For more information on deadlines please click here.

18. Are there any potential additional charges I should be aware of?

Additional charges will depend on the nature of your exhibit as well as requests such as electrical needs, internet connection, decor rentals and parking. Forklift assistance or on site storage will result in a material handling charge.