Shipping, Material Handling & Advance Warehousing

Shipping & Material Handling

Please review all the shipping information thoroughly and ensure your material handling and requirements are confirmed well in advance of move-in. 

Material Handling is applicable to all shipments recieved by Levy Show Services, as well as on labour or forklift services to unload or load your vehicle. 
Material handling services consist of the following:

  • Receiving & documenting exhibitor’s pre-paid shipment             
  • Unloading/ delivering shipment to exhibitor’s booth              
  • Returning empty crates to exhibitor’s booth at show closing       
  • Loading freight onto the designated outbound carrier
  • Removal & storage of empty crates  

Please refer to the MATERIAL HANDLING page on the Levy Order Form for additional information.

As an exhibitor you have two shipping options: 


Shipping display materials in advance with Levy Logistics will streamline the move-in and out process dramatically. Goods may be shipped to arrive on or after January 8, 2020* and NO LATER than February 5, 2020All shipments must be received at the advance warehouse between 08:00 & 15:00, Monday – Friday.  All Exhibitors shipping materials via ANY third party carrier to the advance warehouse must return the Levy Logistics- Material Handling order form prior to arrival at the warehouse.

The benefits of advance shipping include: storage of material for up to 30 days prior to the show, delivery of shipment to your booth prior to exhibitor move-in and it saves you valuable time (no waiting at the vehicle marshaling yard). If you ship to the advance warehouse, your freight will be in your booth prior to your scheduled move-in time. The cost of the service includes the following:

  • receiving your material at the warehouse up to thirty days in advance of the move-in day
  • delivering the shipment to your booth at the facility
  • removing empty crates from your booth to a designated storage area
  • returning your empty crates to your booth at the close of the show
  • loading your crates onto your designated carrier at the close of the show 

For rates and more information please refer to the Levy Exhibitor Kit

For advance warehousing, mail or fax the Material Handling Order Forum and Invoice with pre-payment to LEVY SHOW SERVICES INC. Shipments sent collect WILL NOT be accepted

YRC c/o Levy Show Services Inc.
3985 Still Creek Avenue
Burnaby, BC V5C 4E2

If your shipments are coming from abroad and require Customs Clearance Services please contact Levy Logistics at 604.277.1726 and view their form on the Order Forms page.


Exhibitors that choose to ship directly to the VCC must refer to the Move-In Floorplan and follow the MOVE-IN procedures.  Every crate or carton must be marked with the appropriate shipping labels.  Please be advised that the VCC will NOT accept deliveries for the event prior to the beginning of move-in. Deliveries arriving at the Vancouver Convention Centre before this date will be refused.

All Exhibitors shipping materials direct must complete and return the MATERIAL HANDLING order form on the Order Forms page. Please refer to the MATERIAL HANDLING order form for shipping instructions and delivery address. Please note that your 3rd party carrier may wait in the holding lot for some time before being admitted to the facility — this could result in extra charges. If at all possible, please use our official carrier Levy Logistics as they will be given priority.

All DIRECT shipments should be labeled as follows:

Vancouver Convention Centre – West Building
Via Waterfront Road Truck Route
1055 Canada Place
Vancouver, BC V6C 0C3

On-Site Storage

There is limited on-site storage during the show. If you have not booked third-party materials handling (through Levy Show Service), please make arrangements to take your empty crates off-site after moving in or to hide your ‘empties’ in your booth.


The exhibitor is responsible for making appropriate arrangements with a carrier for shipping following the close of the show if necessary. The official freight carrier, LEVY Logistics will be on-site during the show to assist with the co-ordination of all outbound shipping and/or customs brokerage services. Please make note of the allotted move-out time and confirm this with LEVY or your alternate carrier. The exhibitor is responsible for clearly marking and labeling each piece of freight to be shipped. If MATERIAL HANDLING has been ordered and paid for, Levy Show Service will load your crated shipment onto your chosen carrier.
For further info call 604.277.1726 or email