Booth Design Guidelines

BUILDEX is the premier industry event in Western Canada for all things construction, architecture, design and property management. BUILDEX attracts industry professionals from across Western Canada and the booth designs should represent and reflect that high business standard.  The look and feel of your exhibit space will make a direct impact on attendees on the tradeshow floor.  Ensure that you consider factors such as lighting, flooring, layout and customer experience to ensure your space exceeds expectations. 

Exhibit Design Guidelines:

All exhibits must feature backwalls of a "hardwall" or "pop-up" nature, a curtain backwall will exist for masking purposes only.  Your backwall and its contents must not exceed 8ft high unless authorized prior to the event. Hanging banners from the curtains or otherwise relying on the drape for your backdrop is prohibited.  Remember, there are no curtain sidewalls. Your booth sidewalls may be up to 8 ft. high, but only for 3 ft from the backwall – after which they must taper or drop to 3 ft. high.

Practice the GOOD NEIGHBOUR RULE –do not obstruct your neighbours! If in doubt about your display, have your exhibit approved by show management prior to the event to avoid difficulties on-site. Show Management reserves the right to request necessary alterations for any exhibits that do not conform to regulations. It is not permitted for exhibitors to market products/services outside the confines of their exhibit space. Solicitation on the show floor by attendees is also not permitted; please notify show management immediately if you are approached by any solicitors. 

Any exhibits that deviate from the regulations below must be submitted in writing to John Connell at and approved prior to move-in.  Show Management reserves the right to alter displays for any exhibits that do not conform to regulations.


  • Flooring: It is mandatory to have carpet or equivalent flooring completely covering the visible floor in your exhibit space. If you require rental carpet, refer to the Levy Show Service forms on the Order Forms page – alternatively, you may bring your own quality carpet, tile, hardwood or other flooring material for your booth. 
  • Electrical Services: If your exhibit requires electricity, be sure to order these services prior to the event to save time, money and hassles on-site. Please refer to the VCC online exhibitor order page linked through the Order Forms page.
  • Drayage: If you need the use of a forklift or another form of labor to unload/load your material, there are associated costs. Material handling is fixed based on your exhibit size – this saves money for the average exhibitor who needs the use of a forklift. Please refer to the Move-In/Move-Out Procedures for details and the Order Forms page for Material Handling forms.
  • Miscellaneous Accessories: Tables, chairs, plants etc. are not provided – feel free to bring your own, or refer to the Levy Show Service forms on the Order Forms page for rental equipment.

There will be NO curtained sidewalls